How CryptoGold Works – Easy Explanation


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If you are interested in exactly how CryptoGold works in all its details, this is not the page for you! What I will try to do here is explain the main points, and particularly the points that will impact you and your program first. The complete details will only be available after you have become a (free) member of CryptoGold. You can sign up here with no required payment until you decide to participate in the CryptoGold program here and then click on “Next” on the first page.

A. Main Points of the Program

CryptoGold should be your one-stop location for all those who want to be successful in growing your Bitcoin inventory with respect to time and market.

The mining and trading of its cryptocoin production is CryptoGold’s pursuit. There are highly skilled people who work for us, and these people will make the profits as possible, and your participation will provide the success you seek!

CryptoGold is an independent miner and trader for Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCASH, DASH, and LITECOIN. Bitcoin and the Alt-Coins have daily price movements and apparently random behavior as virtually any other currency market does. Such movements provide many opportunities for Bitcoin and Alt-Coin trading. The so-called cryptomarkets can be very dangerous for people who are new and excited about their potential investment gains. Market variability leaves new, inexperienced investors left out of the potential trade routes and can force wrong decisions. Exactly that potential catastrophe befalls many new, inexperienced investors.

The separate coins are handled independently of each other, but (with the exception of Bitcoin) the Alt-Coins may be exchanged on a value-for-value basis (USD 1000 of one Alt-Coin may be exchanged for USD 1000 of another Alt-Coin at no cost).

Here are the main points that we will talk about here:

  • B. Joining
  • C. Selection of Your Tree
  • D. Paying In
  • E. Recruiting and Spill-Over
  • F. Payout
  • G. Fortune Growth

B. Joining

To get started, you should click on one of the “join-up” links. These are available in various places and I think they are all conspicuously marked.

If you want to do it “right here! right now!” this is the link This (or any of the others) will take you to the signup area in the back office.

One thing you may notice here is that the back office runs under while the public website runs under I don’t know why the Admin guys did this, but they both work for the areas they are involved with. One more point of clarification, this website runs under – this is my personal website, registered in Switzerland. That means that anything you read here on the Swiss site is NOT OFFICIAL INFORMATION from the CryptoGold organisation. I am doing this for your education and to help smooth the way to membership for you. I will not publish anything knowingly wrong, but (even) I can make mistakes. Keep your eyes open and your brain working.


The German Admins for the page do things a little differently from what US viewers are used to. They will first make certain that the referrer is correct before they go on (they call this Step 1). All you have to do is confirm at the bottom of the page by clicking the “NEXT” button, and no other input, and the signup will continue on the next page. Here you need to input your personal information, and then continue.

C. Selection of Your Tree

The structure of CryptoGold is a two-legged downline at each level with different purposes. The Right Leg is designed for membership growth, so you will want to place your new growth-oriented members in the right leg. The Left Leg is more oriented on members who will be less active, but will want to concentrate on growing their fortune. That means that you will want to place your “bankers” (sorry if that is your line of work!) in the Left Leg.

I don’t think I will get involved in the way that all works here. There are more detailed descriptions of the way the compensation plan works, and you can dig into that later on if it is interesting for you.

The thing to remember here is the people-growth-oriented members go on the right side and the money-growth-oriented members go on the left side. One more thing is that your team needs to be balanced – that means if you have 2 or 5 or 12 levels on the right side, you also need to have 2 or 5 or 12 levels on the left side to get paid properly.

D. Paying In

There are two reasons that you will need to pay in.

The first reason to pay in is a one-time membership payment of USD 79.00 per position. If you do not want to grow your team, you are not required to have more than one position.

In addition to the membership, you will need to invest money in USD 50 or larger bundles. You will have to have USD 500 at least in order to receive your benefits from the system. Benefits that accumulate before you have paid in your USD 500 will be kept in your account, and you will receive them when you reach USD 500 (not including the membership fee).

When you join the system and want to start to accumulate money, you need to pay in at least USD 79 for the registration plus the first USD 50 investment (you can invest more, even more than USD 500), so if you have the money available, the sooner you do it the more your CryptoGold account will appreciate.

When you are ready (today?), you will need to have or open an account with Payeer if you are paying in USD or EUR or Rubles. The EUR or Rubles will be converted to USD and all transactions into the CryptoGold system will be in USD. There are a few ways to add money to Payeer. But first, you need a Payeer membership. This link ” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”> will get you to the signup location. You can sign up by clicking the link to the left or the display to the far left. Yes, those are affiliate links and I will get a little something from it if you click, but it doesn’t cost you anything more than it would anyway.

Payeer says “You can add funds to your account by any of 150+ methods” but that includes all the different cards they accept. Basically, you can add money to your Payeer account using credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and some other e-wallets. The flexibility changes from time to time so be sure you research the Payeer system thoroughly before you try to send them money. They will want identification, and the entire sign-up process can take up to a week. If you make a mistake (I did!) it can take even longer or just plain fail.

You can also use Bitcoin (if you have any) and make a transfer from your wallet to the Payeer BTC e-wallet. Again a caution, this tends to cost more than many BTC transfers because of the handling on the receiving end, so make sure there is enough before you transfer.

One note on both methods of payment – some of the payment facilities, including the BTC e-wallet, charge fees that come out of the amount you put in – that means that, if you put in say $100 to deposit, the amount of funds arriving at the payment point will not be enough to make the payment – say maybe $98,24 instead of $100. Then the payment will fail and you will have to put more into the system to finally get $100 into the system. It happened to me and I am not the only one. The best solution to make it go through the first time is to deposit $110 or more, and leave whatever leftover change is there for next time or for when you are withdrawing later on.

E. Recruiting and Spill-Over